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Let Go and Let God

Where’s the path to healing? We are heartbroken, and so often picking up the pieces and moving on is a problem; we are hurt and sometimes we hurt ourselves by making poor decisions. Only God can show us healing – we need only ask Him. Forgiving ourselves, then others, is difficult but it allows us to...

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Father’s Day Reflection

This Sunday we celebrate Fathers Day in South Africa. “It is Easier for a Father to have Children than for Children to Have a Real Father”  Pope John XXIII On this Father’s Day, let us support all fathers (and here I include our grand fathers, spiritual fathers, celibate priests and step-fathers) with prayer and encouragement...

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Take me to the Mount[ains]

I remember being at a mall once and was approached by a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses and we got into an argument debate about God, Jesus and the 144 000; basically I verbally assaulted them and gave them a very good example of my “spiritual” life back then! “Be still and  s e e  that...

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No Friends, no Faith

I can’t remember which video but I distinctly remember being hit by a thought from one of these YouTub-evangelists that Jesus didn’t tell any of the disciples to write anything down, and nor did he tell them explicitly to start a church in the formal, official sense. Instead he told them to tell i.e. tell...

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