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Father’s Day Reflection

This Sunday we celebrate Fathers Day in South Africa. “It is Easier for a Father to have Children than for Children to Have a Real Father”  Pope John XXIII On this Father’s Day, let us support all fathers (and here I include our grand fathers, spiritual fathers, celibate priests and step-fathers) with prayer and encouragement...

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7 Minutes in Heaven

I’ve always wanted that feeling. The kind of feeling you get when you know that the person you are sharing your life with is your best friend and that together, no obstacle is too difficult to overcome. Authentic love reaches even further than this. I know this because I have witnessed true love but just...

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Take me to the Mount[ains]

I remember being at a mall once and was approached by a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses and we got into an argument debate about God, Jesus and the 144 000; basically I verbally assaulted them and gave them a very good example of my “spiritual” life back then! “Be still and  s e e  that...

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No Friends, no Faith

I can’t remember which video but I distinctly remember being hit by a thought from one of these YouTub-evangelists that Jesus didn’t tell any of the disciples to write anything down, and nor did he tell them explicitly to start a church in the formal, official sense. Instead he told them to tell i.e. tell...

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