Author: Marie-Anne te Brake

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Next Short Talk and Discussion

This year we are bringing to you something special:  Fr Donald McLoughlin (STL), our own South African expert on Theology of the Body, has offered to give short talks once every 2 months.  He will focus on current South African or world (moral)  issues and using the principles of St John Paul II’s teachings, will...

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Those New Year’s Resolutions

January has arrived – undoubtedly the most interesting, exciting, life-renewing and yet frustrating time of the year! I cant describe it any better than the editor of a local magazine: “Its when the memory of the old year grumbles stiff-legged around the lounge mopping up what’s left of the Christmas snacks while the new year perches...

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I met Myself on the Street Today – A poem by Lee Snow

I met myself on the street today – a Poem by Lee Snow ”Yet when I hoped for good, evil came; when I looked for light then came darkness” ~ Job 30:26 I have asked myself why bad things happen to good people so many times over the past 29 years, always thinking that I...

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Father’s Day Reflection

This Sunday we celebrate Fathers Day in South Africa. “It is Easier for a Father to have Children than for Children to Have a Real Father”  Pope John XXIII On this Father’s Day, let us support all fathers (and here I include our grand fathers, spiritual fathers, celibate priests and step-fathers) with prayer and encouragement...

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