Author: Marie-Anne te Brake

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Fertility & NFP Seminar 21 May 2016

Medical practitioners, medical students as well as non-medical people made up the 45 strong audience at the first seminar of its kind given by Dr Heinz Wirz and organised by the Foundation for the Person and the Family on Saturday 21 May at Bryanston Catholic Church. Balancing the science and physiology with not only natural law...

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Next Short Talk and Discussion

This year we are bringing to you something special:  Fr Donald McLoughlin (STL), our own South African expert on Theology of the Body, has offered to give short talks once every 2 months.  He will focus on current South African or world (moral)  issues and using the principles of St John Paul II’s teachings, will...

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Those New Year’s Resolutions

January has arrived – undoubtedly the most interesting, exciting, life-renewing and yet frustrating time of the year! I cant describe it any better than the editor of a local magazine: “Its when the memory of the old year grumbles stiff-legged around the lounge mopping up what’s left of the Christmas snacks while the new year perches...

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I met Myself on the Street Today – A poem by Lee Snow

I met myself on the street today – a Poem by Lee Snow ”Yet when I hoped for good, evil came; when I looked for light then came darkness” ~ Job 30:26 I have asked myself why bad things happen to good people so many times over the past 29 years, always thinking that I...

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