Group discussion at a TOB retreat

Most of the people involved in this ministry discovered the Theology of the Body around 2008 to 2009, either through a retreat or TOB for teens course ran at our parishes.

We felt the impact of this so much and wanted to delve more, to understand ourselves more and explore our faith even more. We needed to to know more. If the teens programme impacted us so greatly what would one aimed at us as young adults do?

Before we knew it a study group was formed and every Monday we would meet at our mentor, Marie-Anne’s house to study more courses, read the tome “Man and Woman He Created” them by John Paul II (we never did finish), fellowship with one another and strengthen our faith.


Jason Evert with team 2011

We explored what it means to be Catholic in this day and age and began to look try and look at life through the eyes of love, to see the worth of others as God sees them, as His beloved children of infinite dignity and value.

Our faith was reignited, the desires of our hearts suddenly made total sense. We could not keep this teaching to ourselves. We had to spread it to all we know, family, friends and our parishes. Thus begun us hosting retreats and more courses, and being invited to share across the country and have reached hundreds of people.

As we evolved then, we have evolved to a point where we are aiming to reach more people using this site and the resources we will post. We want God’s love to be felt and understood by all so as to build strong families with their hearts after God’s own heart.

We hope to reach thousands that they realise that true love, true freedom and true joy are indeed possible. Pray for us as we embark on this journey.


Praise and Worship at a retreat


To read more about the Theology of the Body and what it is, the Foundation for the Person and the Family and our project Isipho click the links. Welcome to our website and travel this journey with us.



team and Damon 2

The team with and Damon Owens

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